COVID-19 Update

To all our amazing customers, friends and supporters of Yum Catering and Rose Events:

We want to thank you for your continuing support of our little business Yum Catering and Rose Events owned by Paul Le Noury for over 20 years in this challenging time. First and foremost our main priority is to our customers, staff and suppliers and we are taking contingency measures to try to look after those who rely on us for as long as we can.


We are closely following the advice of the Australian Government Department of Health as well as the World Health Organisation and are actively taking additional precautionary measures to minimise the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our Kitchen and Event space.


In the meantime, we are maintaining our high standards of cleanliness and we continue to do our part to mitigate any health risks by continuing the increased frequency of cleaning and sanitising our workspaces equipment and event space. We have always had an excellent health and safety record and we have further heightened our procedures.

Some of the steps we have taken are:

  • All cleaning and food handling have been further tightened and monitored

  • Any staff are to avoid working if they feel unwell and we encourage daily monitoring of our staff ‘s temperature

  • High-grade sanitisers provided by CIC Cleaning & Facility Services are available for staff,  customers, supplier delivery staff and readily available throughout our kitchen and event space.


We have no recent travellers to the high risk and restricted countries on our staff nor do we believe they have been in contact with anyone affected. We will always work towards the safest and most hygienic service for our customers and we hope you will continue to order your catering and using our event space for smaller events.

To make your lives easier we have introduced a home delivery service in sealed containers so hop onto our Yum Catering website or contact us directly on the following numbers and emails listed below and let us keep looking after you all.

Paul: 0412 500 287

Pratika: 0427 533 190